Made by Danial Jumagaliyev.

The theme for the 2nd DevAtlas Jam was - one light source.  In this game, you have to defeat hordes of enemies using a powerful light cannon and mirrors. You can lengthen and change the trajectory of the light from the light cannon using mirrors!

Your goal is to survive as many waves of enemies as you can. Enemies will get stronger and stronger as you progress.

If you reach wave 10, you're gonna have a bad time...


  • WASD or Arrow Keys to rotate the light cannon.
  • Left Mouse Button to click on tiles and buttons.
  • "Escape" key to go back to the menu.

Tips (if you get stuck):

  • Click on the "Start" button on the left-bottom side of the screen to start the wave.
  • Click on tiles to place mirrors!
  • Click on the light cannon to buy upgrades!


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We just discussed your game on our podcast! Come check us out!

Episode 24: One Light Source (DevAtlas Jam 2)

Wow! This was very unexpected, but thank you so much!

I got to round 7

Thanks for playing :D


Very well made :D Gz


Great game! Very engaging!

very cool. the boss vainquished me at wave 9 with a full upgraded canon ;-(

But the boss appears on the 10th wave .-.

promised you at 9th, a big green guy walked trough the bottom

I programmed the boss to appear on wave 10. Anyways, its not all about the light cannon, you have to change the trajectory of the light to directly hit the boss. Thanks for playing :)